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Mock Interview Post

Yesterday, in my English class. We had a certain activity where one student plays a role of being boss and another plays a role of a person being interview for the job. The boss will ask questions and the person… Continue Reading →


My favorite game is playing sports with my friends. Playing sport with my friends is a fun way to be active and to be with your friends. I enjoy to play sports with others because I can be active and… Continue Reading →

Job Shadow Presentation Reflection

The career I want and I presented is an architect. I wanted this career since I was 12. The reason being is because I liked to draw and I was good at math, so I put the two together and came up with an… Continue Reading →

The Twelfth Night 60 second play

In my English class, we read a play by William Shakespeare called ” The Twelfth Night”. We also need to fill out a study guide to remember what happened at what moment. After reading the acts, we watch a movie… Continue Reading →

First Impression

Having a first impression on somebody can be bad or good. For instance, people thought that I was a kid who did not care about grades and people thought I am a bad kid. But in reality I get good… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on PLAN Testing

Plan test isn’t a test that you can study for. Plan test does not count as a grade. You should still try on Plan testing, even though it doesn’t count for a grade. If your planning on going to college in… Continue Reading →

Advice to Incoming High School Students

To all the future high school students, study for test and quiz. Get good grades and try in high school. I regret not trying hard in school my freshman year. I knew I could’ve got straight A’s but I just… Continue Reading →

Randy Moss

Randy Moss is a big factor and inspiration on where he came from. When he was in High School he was a bad kid, getting into fights, having a kid at a very young age, going to parties, but when he… Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a day remember with horrible luck. This is a day of horror and fear. It is about Jason from Friday the 13th. This is a day with terrifying thoughts. The fear to think that something will happen to… Continue Reading →

Should Schools Have Sports?

In recent discussions of school sports, a controversial issue has been whether Schools should have sports or if schools shouldn’t have sports. On the one hand, some argue that schools should not have sports. From this perspective, sports are distraction… Continue Reading →

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