My favorite game is playing sports with my friends. Playing sport with my friends is a fun way to be active and to be with your friends. I enjoy to play sports with others because I can be active and have a good time. While I am playing sports with others that I know and when I’ m having fun, I really don’t care if I win or lose. The purpose of the game is the fact that you are getting your daily exercise in and enjoying it while you are playing. The way to win the game is by out scoring the other opponent or by reaching to a certain score to win. Some sports are easier than others, but all sport are difficult to win or be a master at a sport. Also in some sports, you mostly have to tall, and if you are short than it will be more difficult on you than it is for others who are tall. There I a lot of rules to properly play but when I play with my friends, I really do not care about the rules to any sport. As long as I am having fun with my friends.